Michael at a Glimpse

1. Bilingual since birth
2. Has lived for many years in England and France
3. Currently lives in Canada
4. More than 10 years experience in translation and pedagogy

Experience and Qualifications count

Michael obtained a Postgraduate Diploma from the University of the West of England and has translated a variety of professional documents across an array of diverse domains including communications, human resources, auditing, marketing, technical descriptions, pharmaceutical documents, secretarial correspondence and various websites. His experience is largely in French and international companies; including pharmaceuticals, energy, catering and video game development. He has experience managing small teams in a wide variety of companies. This includes acting as team leader and liaison: interfacing with his direct manager, senior team leader and individual contributors. Michael has experience assessing, classifying and organizing various training programs including the implementation of pedagogical material. Michael has worked in partnership with international law firms translating technical manuals, amateur film directors and associations translating film scripts, letters and various other documents.